Stationery Items Distribution at Mini-Schools

Stationery items were distributed to all our mini-school children in June/July of 2021. They were procured at each project and distributed to all the mini-schools. The notebooks given were dependent on the class of the chidlren

Site-Visit report for Sangamam mini-schools

Rajaram visited most of the mini-schools running under Project Sangamam during mutliple trips in June-July 2021. He was also accompanied by our Maths trainer and Science content expert during these trips.

Mini-Schools Open Again in 2021-22

Asha once again started our mini-schools after the extended summer closure due to the second wave of Covid. The first mini-schools once again started in mid June 2021 and by end of July most of the 60+ mini-schools have opened again.

Mini-School Final Report for 2020-21

Academic Year 2020-21 was a complete wash-out. The schools remained closed the entire year. Asha’s Mini-schools could continue the education for 1800 students the whole year. It was a year of struggles and innovation in our mini-school. Read our detailed report for all the information.

Teachers’ Report on Mini-schools in 2020-21

The teacher reports are all here: Ariyappkam – Thenmozhi Elanthapatti – saraswathidevi Kamagaram – Nithya Kannigaipair – Santhameena Nandhimangalam – Ramya Nandhivaram – Philomena Old Panapakkam – Kumari Old Thirupachur – Iswarya Pandur – Rajkumari Thirukovilur – Sathya TV Pet – Jayalakshmi

Oral Assessments at our Mini-schools

Asha Chennai conducted oral assessments at all the mini-schools we were running in Nov 2020 with specific goal of understanding the effectiveness of our mini-schools in stopping the slide in education.

Report on Mini-school Pondhavakkam

Rajaram, the steward for Project Sangamam visited mini-schools in mid-April. Here is a detailed report about our mini-school at Pondhavakkam which he visited.

Site Visit to Sangamam and Poorna Vidhya Mini-Schools

Rajaram visited more Sangamam mini-school in Thiruvallur and also the Poorna Vidhya mini-schools in Guduvancheri in Dec 2020. Our Maths trainer Mrs. Meena Suresh also accompanied him in visiting some of the mini-schools.

Site Visit to Pearl Mini-Schools

Two of Asha Chennai’s volunteers Bhaskar and Rajaram visited the Project Pearl mini-schools and libraries on November 19th and 20th.

Computer Distribution to Scholarship Students

Core Solution Inc. donated 12 computers to Asha to be given to deserving students. The computers were donated on 23rd Nov to students in desperate need of a computer because of the remote classes during these pandemic times.

Asha Chennai provides Hybrid Curriculum to Government Schools

With several restrictions placed on government schools, they are not able to open to children. Further teaching through video conference is not a possibility in these schools. Asha Chennai has created contents for continuing the education under these restrictions.

Site visit report for Sangamam Mini Schools

Covid imposed restrictions on travel. Here is the first detailed site-visit report about the mini-schools by a volunteer. Rajaram visited these schools on Sept 17th and 18th, 2020.

Blackboard Painting at Sangamam mini-schools

With our mini-schools taking on more responsibilities towards teaching the textbook contents, the mini-schools needed a blackboard. We painted them at 12 mini-schools to start with.

Mini-Schools in Sept 2020

Asha Chennai is continuing to run mini-schools. With lowering concerns about Covid we have been able to start 45+ mini-schools. With schools still not open, mini-schools are teaching the contents of their textbooks as well.

Mini-Schools continuing in July-Aug 2020

Asha Chennai is continuing to run mini-schools. Due to greater demand from the communities, we are now running more mini-schools (24 mini-schools at the end of August).

Engaging our Teachers during the Covid times

June 2020: Teachers haven’t been able to do their usual work at schools ever since the schools closed in mid-March. Asha Chennai has been using their time productively to enhance our content, provide them training, etc.

Asha Chennai Mini-Schools – June 2020

June 2020: As the schools remain shut down thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, Asha Chennai is running mini-schools in the villages that we support where we also have local teachers.

Computer Donations From Glovis

Hyundai Glovis that supports our Project Sangamam in Thiruvallur district has donated 100 used computers to be given to the schools we support.

Glovis Sangamam Excursions – 2020

Excursions were organised for 4th and 5th standard children from 23 schools to Birla Planetarium and Guindy Park and for 7th and 8th std children from 7 schools to Senji and Thiruvannamalai. This was sponsored by Hyundai Glovis.

Written Assessments

Asha Chennai conducted written assessments at all the 99 supported schools. Teachers were trained and exams conducted in a rigorous manner at all the schools.