Amazon Future Engineer Program Completed One Year

Amazon Future Engineer program completed one year in Sept 2022. Asha started partnering with the AFE program in June 2022. We have created a video to document our work.

A million students enroll in computer science engineering courses annually in India. However, only a small percentage of those students come from underserved and underrepresented communities. From limited access to computers and low exposure to career opportunities and mentors in this field to language constraints in accessing coding curriculum, the students face systemic barriers to aspire for a career in the technology industry.

The Amazon Future Engineer (AFE) program launched in India a year ago aims to address this gap by bringing early exposure and access to computer science education to students. The vision: All young people can realise their potential as creators, thinkers, and builders.

Asha started partnering with Amazon Future Engineer program in June 2022. You can read a report on Asha’s AFE program here.

Here are some more reports/details from Amazon.

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