• New Asha South India Registration

    Till recently Asha India was doing all its operations as Asha Trust registered in New Delhi and headquarterd in Varanasi. To balance the accounting load we have registered one more trust in the name of Asha South India headquartered in Chennai. Asha South India has all the registrations required (80G, 12A, CSR etc.) to receive donations in India and do its charitable works. Asha Chennai is moving its Indian donations to the new Asha South India trust. All the below methods of Indian donations will now be processed through Asha South India trust. In a couple of years, we will also be moving our FCRA operations to the new trust.

  • Indian Donors

    Your donations are exempt from taxes under section 80G.

    • Donate by Cheque: An Indian Rupee cheque/demand draft favouring “Asha”. The check must NOT be made to “Asha-Chennai”. Mail the check to our address (See “Contact us” page for the address.) The donations are Section 80G tax-deductible in India. We would send you a receipt once we receive the cheque. Please also send us your name, address and PAN number for issuing the receipt.
    • Donate by NEFT: You can do an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) from a bank account in India. Please send us an Email notifying us about the details of the donation including name, address, PAN of the donor, amount and any additional instructions. We will send you the instructions for how to make the fund transfer.
    • Donate  by Credit Card, UPI or other methods through our Give project page

  • US Donors

    Your donations are exempt from taxes under section 501(c)3.

    • Donate through our website : If you are located in the US you can make a tax-deductible donation using a credit card from the main Asha donation page. You can also donate using checks. Please see the donation page for details about this. It would help us it you also send us an Email notifying us about the details of the donation (Cheque no, amount, date, project and etc.).
    • If your employer provides matching donations, please apply for that and let us know. Asha for Education is registered with most matching donation platforms

  • Other Donors and Donations

    • Asha is also registered as a charity in UK, Germany, Switzerland and Canada. If you would like to donate from any of these countries, please contact us. People from other countries may donate to us through the US donation page.
    • You may also donate in kind. Please contact us to work out how you can drop of the items or how we may pick that up.

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  1. Congratulations for a job well done, there is no greater gift or reward than educating the under privileged kids.
    Thank you for taking this task and making the world better for all.

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