Profile of Students at 4 Schools in Thiruvallur

Report based on detailed discussions with the Head-mistress, Asha teacher and a bunch of students at 4 supported schools in Thiruvallur. Will help understand the background of the students and the challenges at these schools.

Maths and Science Training in Oct 2022

Trainer Ms. Meena Suresh and Ms. Purva Bhatter travelled to our project sites for projects Sangamam, Thulasi and Pearl to train the teachers in Maths and Science in the first half of Oct 2022.

Toilet Repair work at 2 Sangamam Schools

 Toilet repair work was taken up at the two schools in Old Thirupatchur and Kosavanpalayam in August/Sept 2022 and completed. New toilet construction is also going on at Gandhigram.

New RTC Opens in Kayathar, Thoothukudi

After opening 4 RTCs in Thiruvallur district we have opened a new RTC in Kayathar, Thoothukudi District. This started operating in Oct 2022 and inauguration function was held on Oct 10th 2022.

Analysis of Assessments in 2021-22

Asha Chennai conducted an assessment in Oct 2022 at our mini-schools before they closed and then a combined written and oral assessment in April 2022 at the schools we support. This reveals the extent of the damage wreaked on education due to the Covid closures and evaluates the mini-schools run by Asha Chennai in being able to push back the …