Distribution of Stationery Materials

Every year we augment what is provided by the government to the schools by giving some more materials. We distributed stationery materials  and mats to all schools in Tamilnadu across all our projects in early to mid-Nov.

Every year we augment what is provided by the government to the schools by giving some more materials. This year we allocated a budget of Rs 100 per student, Asha has purchased the following things for each school/student.
  • A4 paper reams, chart paper, chalk boxes and marker boxes for schools.
  • Pencils, pens, erasers, sharpeners and scales for children.
  • Checked, 2-ruled, 4-ruled and unruled long-size notebooks for children depending on their class.
  • Art and craft paper, Colour pencils, sketch pens and crayons commonly for the schools.
  • Tables books for younger children and pocket dictionaries for older children.
  • Mats for children to sit on, and picture charts for schools.

These were distributed to the schools in early to mid November. Thulasi, Sangamam and Poorna Vidhya purchased the items from a vendor here in Chennai. Pearl handled its own purchases. The distributions were handled by the coordinators and teachers at the projects. I also participated in three schools in Thiruvallur.

We also received good coverage in the local press about these distributions. You can see the press coverage as well photos from the distribution here.

We have also purchased uniforms for our staff. Typically women (large majority of our staff) get 2 or 3 sarees and stitching charges or some utility item like water bottle. Men get a shirt and pant set. Each geographical project area gets their own uniform. These were distributed to the teachers on Oct 29th.

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