Toilet Renovation and Inauguration at Koovachipatti

Asha Silicon Valley support the renovation of the toilet at the primary school at Koovachipatti in Thirunelveli Dist. The work started in March and was inaugurated on April 22nd.

Asha Silicon Valley came forward to support the construction and repair of toilets at our schools. They decided to support the construction of one new toilet at Gandhigramam in Thiruvallur and repair of three toilet. While the work in Thiruvallur will happen during the summer, the work was first started at Koovachipatti in Thirunelveli. We have a deep engagement with the school and the village. We support the school with a kindergarten teacher, a regular teacher and also a computer teacher who visits twice a week. Further we ran a mini-school during the pandemic school closures and now we also run a library in the village.

The toilets in the school required extensive repair / renovation. The septic tank was non-functional and needed to be dug up newly. There were 4 latrines which were in disuse. The commodes needed to be replaced, the wall and floor required retiling and new filttings were also required. There are two urinal areas for boys and girls. With buildings coming up in adjoining areas, the walls needed to be raised higher, the flooring required rework etc. One of the doors also required to be replaced.

This work was started by March 12th and completed by mid-April. I visited the school on April 22nd to see the completed toilet. This was well timed for a small inauguration function on that date. The school teachers and people from the village were very thankful for the toilet as well as the broader support we are providing for the school and the village.

Here are the photos from the construction as well as the inauguration function.

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