Report on Asha Kanini

Here is a status report on Asha Kanini as well as findings from a survey conducted in April/May 2022

A Photo Shoot at the RTCs

There were photographing sessions at our RTCs by professional photographers to take good quality photos for the IIT-Madras calendar. See the photos!

Distribution of Stationery Materials

Every year we augment what is provided by the government to the schools by giving some more materials. We distributed stationery materials  and mats to all schools in Tamilnadu across all our projects in early to mid-Nov.

Oral Assessments – Nov 2022

Asha Chennai conducted oral assessments in Nov 2022 at all our supported schools. It covered about 15000 children from the 150 schools that we support.

Amazon’s “Tools of Tomorrow” Series features Asha

Asha has been supported by the Amazon Future Engineer project since June 2022. Amazon commissioned a series of 4 videos titles “Tools for tomorrow” about the work their partners are doing.Of these one of them was about Asha.