Meetings & Minutes

09:30 am ISTMonthly Meetinglinklink

Year 2020
16th Feb 2020Sunday09:30 am ISTMonthly MeetingAsha office, Mylaporelink link
22nd Mar 2020Sunday09:30 am ISTMonthly MeetingTeleconferencinglinklink
3rd May 2020Sunday09:30 am ISTMonthly MeetingTeleconferencinglink link
24th May 2020Sunday09:30 am ISTMonthly MeetingTeleconferencinglinklink
 5th Jul 2020Sunday09:30 am ISTMonthly MeetingTeleconferencinglink link
 16th Aug 2020Sunday09:30 am ISTMonthly MeetingTeleconferencinglinklink
 1st Sept  2020Tuesday04:30 pm ISTMonthly MeetingTeleconferencinglinklink


Minutes and Agenda for the year 2019

Minutes and Agenda for the year 2018

Minutes and Agenda for the year 2017

Minutes and Agenda for the year 2016

Asha-Chennai Monthly Meetings

Asha Chennai always has a meeting on the third Sunday of each month at 9:00 am IST. This is held at difference volunteers’ residences/offices. If you are in Chennai and would like to participate please call one of our volunteers to find the location. This would be a good starting point to get an overall idea of all the activities of Asha Chennai. The agenda and the minutes of these meetings would be distributed on Email group. To join this Email group send Email to

Asha-Chennai Project Specific Meetings

Besides the monthly meetings Asha-Chennai would hold local meetings on an as needed basis. The meetings (venue and agenda) would be announced on These meetings may be called by any volunteer. These would typically be working meetings related to specific projects.