Events for the month ( 2022-23)

Here are the events for the rest of the 2022-23 academic year.
  • Maths/Science training at all three sites by Meena-man and Purva.
  • Inauguration of new RTC at Kayathar – Oct 10th.
  • Purchase of stationery materials and mats.
  • Purchase and Distribution of uniform kits for teachers.
  • Launch of Karadi Path program.
  • Distribution of Stationery materials and mats.
  • Training in Bengaluru for CS master trainers by
  • Oral Assessments at all supported schools in UP and TN.
  • Launch of a year-end fund-raising campaign.
  • CS training from 20th to 22nd at Thiruvallur for all teachers.
  • Teacher excursions for all teachers.
  • Hiring the remaining teachers.
  • Distribution of Ford laptops.
  • Roof repair work at 3 schools in Thiruvallur.
  • Student excursions at all projects.
  • Semester completion at RTCs. Review of the students’ projects and a mini presentation event.
  • Launch of new RTCs depending on available funds. Start of new semester at existing RTCs.
  • Black board painting.
  • Student excursions continue at all projects.
  • Written Assessments at our project.
  • Asha India Conference at Kaithi near Varanasi from 24th to 26th Feb.
  • Correction of written assessments.
  • Annual day functions at all projects.
  • Annual day functions continue.
  • Submission of projects by all schools. Correction and selection of best presentations and programs.
  • Asha Impressions.
  • Assessment reports to all schools.
  • Wrap up of the accounts for 22-23.
  • Proposals for upcoming year.
  • RightStart 2023.