Report on Asha Kanini

Here is a status report on Asha Kanini as well as findings from a survey conducted in April/May 2022

Asha Kanini project was  launched in April 2021 in partnership with IITM Pravartak with funding from John Crane. This projects funded the software and content development but also importantly funded the engaging trainers to install Asha Kanini and train the teacher at schools in a much broader geography in Thiruvallur. We engaged 7 trainers starting in Nov 2022. We scaled that back to just a single trainer this academic year in July 2022. Together they had trained teachers in over 480 schools.
This report explains the project in detail and the actions taken from April 2021 to present. There was a detailed survey held in April-May 2022 covering all the schools that we reached through this program at that time. The findings from this survey as well as findings through personal interactions with teachers at these schools are documented here in the attached report.

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