Glovis Sugadharam 2019 — Repair work at 6 more toilets

As part of Glovis Sugadharam project repair works are being carried out at the toilets in schools in Thiruvallur. In Aug/Sept works were carried out at 6 of the schools.

In the phase I of Glovis Sugadharam, we had undertaken the repair of toilets at 3 schools and also the construction of new toilets at Ramanjeri and Pudhukandigai. While the construction at Ramanjeri alone is still ongoing, we have started the repairs under Phase II. From late August to September the toilets were repaired at the following 6 schools:
  • Manjakuppam
  • Melvilagam
  • Palavakkam
  • Valliamma Pettai
  • Kammavarpalayam
  • Allikuzhi
At Melvilagam the entrance door to the school and a classroom floor also needed to be repaired. At Palavakkam several of the walls had cracks that needed to be patched up and one of the toilets’ flooring needed to be relaid. Allikuzhi toilet was actually build by Asha about 5 years back and needed some plumbing work and a new coat of paint. At all the places a good bit of plumbing / sewage drain work were required and we also gave the toilets a new coat of paint.
Click here to see the photos from all these toilet repairs.

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