Summer Infrastructure work at Glovis Sangamam Schools

From the excess funds of 2018-19, Asha Chennai undertook some infrastructure work at various Glovis Sangamam schools during May and June of 2019.

During May and June of 2019, we undertook several minor infrastructure works at Glovis Sangamam schools from the excess amounts remaining in the budget. These included the following:

  1. Nameboards: Most of the name boards for the schools were put up back in early part of the academic year. Some schools were left out. These were completed in May. These included Athivakkam, Melakaramanur, Perittuvakkam, Mambakkam Periya Colony, and Velagapuram.
  2. Blackboard Repainting: We had already completed blackboard repainting at 25 schools. Since there was some more budget left in that head, we did the repainting in the following schools: Athipattu, Thirupakkam, Mettupalayam, Gengulu Kandigai and Pudhukandigai.
  3. Allikuzhi School repainting: Allikuzhi school has from the time we started supporting it been in small building with a nice ground around it. The building was always too small for the school with 4 teachers (incl. the one from Asha) to function. The high school that was operating in the building across the road was given a new building. The primary school then moved to the building occupied by the high school. While this had adequate number of rooms, the building was in a bad shape. The HM had arranged with a local donor to do tiling of the floor and wanted us to assist with the painting. We completed the painting of it in early June. However the new school building lacks a ground. We hope the school can continue using the small ground in the old compound on the opposite side of the road.
  4. Placepalayam School repainting: Placeplayam school has been shifting between two buildings over the 15 years we have worked with it. The schools used to be a middle school operating from 3 rooms in one compound. A new building back in 2005 was built by Asha across the road and the school moved there. It then got upgraded with assistance from Asha as well to a high school. Then the high school continued in the new building and the primary school moved back to the old compound. By this time, two of the old buildings had become unusable and the school was very cramped in the one room that it had. A new building was build right in the old compound and now the primary school has shifted again to the building that Asha had built in 2005. The building hasn’t seen any work on it done in the past 15 years and was in need of some sprucing up. We also completed the repainting of this in early June.
  5. Kottaikulan and Annanagar Play area: We were putting up a slide and a jungle gym at the school in Kottaikulam, another remote Irular hamlet. This will serve the children of the school as well as the older children in the village. We had put up a similar play area at Annanagar last year. The painting at this play area needed to be touched up. These were both done during these months.

Click here to see the photos from all these infrastructure activities.

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