Trainers visit Sangamam schools

On 20th March : Mrs. Usha Ananthan, an English teacher trainer and volunteer of Asha Chennai, visited 4 Glovis Sangamam schools on March 13th. Mrs Meena Suresh with Mrs. Kalyani, our Maths trainers from Ramanujan Museum, visited 3 schools on 20th March.

Mrs Usha Ananthan, a volunteer of Asha Chennai and a English teacher trainer visited 4 schools supported by Glovis Sangamam project on 13th March 2019. We visited Old Thirupatchur where Tamilselvi is the Asha teacher, Manjakuppam where Sathyavathi is the Asha teacher, Kuppammal Chathiram where Deivanayagi is the Asha teacher and Thirupatchur where Ezhilarasi is the Asha teacher.

In all these schools we saw the Asha teacher teaching some lessons to the children and also interacted a bit with the children to get an idea of the learning levels of the children. Mrs. Usha also gave some feedback to the teachers. Here interaction was also observed by Radhika our local English lead teacher. We also used this opportunity to distribute materials to the children at Old Thirupatchur and Kuppammal Chathiram.

Then on March 20th, Mrs. Meena Suresh and Mrs. Kalyani visited three of our schools. Nathiya our Maths lead teacher also accompanied us to these schools. We first visited Pondavakkam. Our teacher Geetha is handling class 1 and in the last one month she has also been handling class 2. Mrs. Kalyani checked the level of understanding of the children and also how they are able to handle the manipulatives that we are providing.

We were then served a wonderful lunch at Nathiya’s house in Nandhimangalam. Mrs. Meena Suresh also joined us at Nandhimangalam. We interacted for a while with the Nandhimangalam children. Their Maths skills are quite good.

Then finally we went to Placepalayam. Our teacher Sheela is handling class 2. Mrs. Meena Suresh played several games with the children to assess their Maths skills. Our teachers and Nathiya got several pointers from them.

Here are the photos from both the trips.

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