Bhoomi Poojai at Pudhukandigai and Ramanjeri

On 4th Feb 2019 : Asha Chennai is constructing new toilets at PUPS Pudhukandigai and PUMS Ramanjeri with support from Glovis as part of project Sugadharam. The construction at these places started with a Bhoomi Poojai on 4th Feb 2019.

Hyundai Glovis is sponsoring the construction of new toilets at two schools (PUMS Ramanjeri and PUPS Pudhukandigai) and the repair of toilets at 15 schools in Thiruvallur district. We have engage Jhigo Infrastructure and Development for the construction of the new toilets.

On 4th February, small Bhoomi Poojai was conducted in both these places. It was held in the morning at Pudhukandigai. I reached there by 10:20 am or so and interacted with the children. Our computer teacher Vanitha was teaching the children. I checked to see how they are progressing. Then at 11:45 the function started. The children were also brought out to watch the proceedings. They enjoyed all the activities. The 9 bricks were laid and aarthi performed. The children also received a laddu each at the end.

Then we drove to Ramanjeri which is at the other end of Poondi block. After a lunch we started the function there. Arun from Hyundai Glovis also came for the function. Mr. Madhavan the panchayat chief and actually the Panchayat head for the whole district was also there for the function. There was some confusion regarding the exact orientation of the toilet and that it should not come too close to the neighbours’ properties. We marked the location of the toilet properly and got everyone’s go ahead for that. The poojai was conducted as usual. Children couldnt participate here as the school is too big. But here too all the children got a laddu each.

Click here to see the photos from these functions.

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