Glovis Sangamam School Material Distribution – Aug 2018

On 18th-27th Aug 2018: Educational and sports materials were distributed to all the currently supported Glovis Sangamam schools.

Hyundai Glovis is supporting all the 60 schools that Asha Chennai is working with in the Poondi and Ellapuram blocks of Thiruvallur District. For the first we had the happy job of buying and distributing materials to all the schools that we are supporting. We distributed materials to the 53 schools to which we are sending teachers at the moment. We will cover the remaining 7 schools as soon as we start sending teachers to these schools.

We distributed the following materials:
  • Stationery materials like pencils, pens, eraser, sharpener, crayons, scales etc. These were given to the schools to be used over the year and if required give it to children who cannot afford these.
  • Notebooks — 2 and 4 ruled notebooks for 1st to 5th std students and unruled long size notebooks for 6th to 8th std students.
  • Picture charts, maps, and Globe to make the classrooms a rich information filled environment.
  • Sports materials like footballs, tennicoit rings, skipping ropes etc. for them to play outdoors.
  • Pallankuzhi, Carrom Board, chess sets and board games for indoor use.
  • Mats for them to sit on.
  • Dustbins to keep the school clean.
We purchased these materials from variety of sources and the office was completely full for a few days with these materials. Several of the teachers had to be brought to the office for a couple of days to help sort these materials. Then on 14th and 16th of August they were taken and delivered to all the schools. We were planning to have a small function on 18th August at 5 selected schools distributing the materials to the schools and the children. However because of our ex Prime Minister Vajpayee’s death we had to postpone this to August 20th.

On August 20th we started at PUMS Manjakuppam  Ms. Rubini, the CSR Coordinator and three staff, Bhaskar, Ahmed and Reuben were there from Hyundai Glovis to participate in these distributions. We spoke to the children, formally handed over the materials to the HM of the school and also distributed some of the notebooks to the students. Over the day we covered PUPS Gandhigram, PUPS Kosavanpalayam, PUPS New Thirupatchur and PUPS Old Thiruaptchur.

We each school the teachers and the children were happy to receive us. We asked the children to put all the materials to good use.

Click here to see the photos from the event.

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