Sugadharam Part III – Continuing toilet repair

 Toilets at PUPS Anandheri, PUPS Ammambakkam and PUPS Kuppathupalayam were repaired between Dec 2017 and March 2018 as part of Project Sugadharam.

Hyundai Glovis has sponsored the repair/building of toilets at the schools we support at Thiruvallur Dist. We have already completed the repairs of toilets at 6 schools in the first two parts of this project. In the third part, we completed the repairs at Anandheri and Ammambakkam. At Nemiliagaram where we had done the repairs in the first phase, demolition of a non-functional toilet was pending. This was also taken up and completed. Finally the repair work at one final school, Kuppathupalayam was completed in March 2018. “Renovated by Hyundai Glovis and Asha” messages have been painted on all the repaired toilets. Buckets and mugs are also distributed to all the toilets in this phase.

Click here to see the photographs from the repair work.

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