Toilet Inaugurated at Koppampatti

On 24th Dec 2017 : Asha Chennai with support from the chapters at Frankfurt and Pittsburg have been constructing a new toilet complex at Koppampatti in Thoothukudi Dist of Tamilnadu. This was completed and was finally inaugurated on the Christmas Eve (24th Dec 2017).

As a part of Project Sugadharam, we have been constructing a toilet at Koppampatti a middle school near Kovilpatti. We are supporting this school as part of project Pearl. There were delays in the construction due to problems in the availability of sand in Tamilnadu and also weather.

Here are some photos from the progress of the construction of the toilet during Oct and Nov.
The toilet was completed over December and was finally inaugurated on the 24th of December. Unfortunately none of the volunteers could make it to the inauguration function. Thanks to support and help from the villagers and in particular the alumni association, they could build a really good toilet for the given budget of Rs 2.5 Lakhs. The funding for this came from Asha Frankfurt and Asha Pittsburg.

See the photos here.

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