Materials distribution for children at Sangamam schools

On Dec 19, 2017–Jan 13, 2018 : Materials were distributed to students at all the 15 supported schools of Project Sangamam. These included Chappals, Umbrellas, Sports uniform and health kit.

We distributed materials for children at all Sangamam schools. Last year for the Hyundai Glovis supported schools (8 of them) we had purchased sports uniforms. However because of the delay in getting them and because the schools closed early last year, these were distributed only in June 2017, i.e. this academic year. We also gave this to the school at Kannigaiper supported by Project Sangamam.
This year we therefore decided to give the sports dresses to the children at the remaining 6 schools and chappals and umbrellas to the 9 schools that already received the sports dresses in June. Since there was some extra money per child at the Glovis supported schools, we also decided to give the children at these 12 schools a small Health/Hygiene kit containing soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb and hair oil.
At the 3 Project Sangamam schools, Venkat did the distribution of the materials on 22nd Dec. For the 12 Glovis schools Rajaram did the distribution of the materials on Jan 4th and 5th. On Jan 5th several staff from Glovis also came to participate in the distribution.
Mr. Joo Min, the MD of Hyundai Glovis who started the partnership between Hyundai Glovis and Asha in the form of Glovis Sangamam retired by the end of 2017. The project has flourished thanks to his love for these children and his complete support for our efforts. Therefore we wished to give him something to remember and we asked the schools to have the children make some mementos to give to him. The output from some of the schools just took our breath away. In particular the children from Katchur and Ramanjeri had exceeded all our expectation in creating beautiful craft items to give to Asha, Glovis and specifically Mr. Joo Min. These can also be seen in many of the photos.
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