Gandhigram kitchen garden

On Oct 9th to Oct 13th : Hyundai Glovis has setup a kitchen garden to improve the children’s nutrition at the PUPS Gandhigram school. Health kits were also distributed to the children.

Hyundai Glovis has decided to setup kitchen gardens at schools to improve the nutrition of the children in the schools. They decided to start with Gandhigram, a very poor tribal village in Poondi Block where we are supporting the school. They wanted the kitchen garden they have setup to not just be a source of good nutrition but also a place of beauty that the school and the children feel proud of and enjoy.
They are working with another NGO Cheer to implement this. The kitchen garden was built over the end of Sept / early Oct. This was opened and dedicated to the school on Oct 12th. As you can see from the photos they have really created something beautiful at the school for the children. The children and their parents have been roped in to maintain the garden and protect it. The success of this will inspire them to take this up at other schools.
In addition to this Mr. Joo Min, the MD of Hyundai Glovis, through his personal capacity also donated health kits for all the chidlren from Gandhigram. They are also planning to do more for the village like run an evening centre for the children, provide things like water, electricity for the village etc. as part of their CSR efforts.

Click here to see the photos of this effort so far.

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