Education and Sports materials were distributed at Project Sangamam schools

Education and Sports materials were purchased for all the Project Sangamam schools. These were distributed to the 12 Poondi block schools supported by Hyundai Glovis on the 26th and 27th of July along with staff from Glovis. These were distributed to the 3 Ellapuram block Project Sangamam schools on August 1st. These included stationery materials, sports materials, Maths kits, mats, trays etc.

Asha typically gives education and sports materials to the schools every year. The budget for these is grossly insufficient in the government schools. We collected details for the HMs at all the schools about the kind of materials they need at the schools. Based on these inputs we purchased basic stationery (paper, notebooks, slate, exam pads, pen, pencil, crayons, chalk piece, eraser, sharpener, chart papers, picture charts, dictionaries etc.) and sports materials (football, ring, skipping rope, etc.) for all the schools. These were transported first to our office, sorted by the school and then transported to the schools.

Staff from Hyundai Glovis came on July 26th and 27th and distributed the materials at all the supported schools. These were also distributed to the Ellapuram block schools on August 1st.

In addition to stationery and sports materials we also purchased a sample of all the kits from two organisations, Jodo Gyan and Innovative Design for Educational Kits. We got the teachers to take these to their schools/classes and try it. The teachers then demonstrated these kits and gave their opinions. Based on these we decided to purchase two items for all the schools – Ganitmala and Jodo Blocks from Jodo Gyan. The rest of the kits will be kept at the office. Interested teachers will take these with them from the office to use at their schools as required.

These are some more materials including Dustbin, air pump for the footballs, Pallankuzhi etc. will be distributed to the schools in August.

Click here to see photos from the distribution of these materials.

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