Stationery Items Distribution at Mini-Schools

Stationery items were distributed to all our mini-school children in June/July of 2021. They were procured at each project and distributed to all the mini-schools. The notebooks given were dependent on the class of the chidlren

At our Asha Chennai mini-schools, our focus has been on conceptual clarity of our children. These involved activities and printed worksheets. At a discussion with the teachers, many of them felt the children are not getting sufficient opportunity to write and are losing their writing skills. All of them felt that the children can greatly benefit from some regular writing. We therefore decided to distribute notebooks to all the children. We distributed the following,

1st std children                        square ruled notebooks and pencil.

2nd  and 3rd std children       2-ruled and 4-ruled notebooks and one pencil.

4th and 5th std children          2-ruled, 4-ruled and unruled notebooks and one pen.

6th and above children         2 long size unruled notebooks and a pen.

Here are more photos from the distribution of these stationery materials to our mini-school children.

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