IITM Pravartak Asha Kanini Project Launched

John Crane funds Pravartak, a Section 8 company launched by IIT Madras to take Asha Kanini to all schools in Thiruvallur District.

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Pravartak, a section 8 company launched by IIT Madras and Asha Chennai propose to spread the use of Asha Kanini to all government schools by running a pilot program in Thiruvallur District. This project received funding from John Crane, a high-tech engineering products and services company headquartered in the US with a strong Indian division in Bengaluru.

Asha Kanini is a application developed by Asha Chennai to provide easy access to best quality digital resources to enhance the classroom teaching experience. Asha Kanini is network independent, support most operating systems and devices, and can be customised to work with any language and curriculum.

While it is already used heavily at the 100+ schools supported by Asha in Tamilnadu and UP, our goal was to make it available for all the school in Tamilnadu and rest of India. The project with Pravartak takes it in this direction.

As a part of this project, we will train teachers at all government schools in Thiruvallur District (in particular primary and middle schools). Our trainers will also visit the schools to the extent possible to assist the school teachers in using the Asha Kanini platform and effectively use technology to aid education in their classrooms. Further IITM and Asha will analyse the usage of the product and contents, improve the user experience as well as assist in understanding and enahcing the education happening at the schools.


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  1. Sir

    Very happy to know you extend such a good facility to the rural kids. It is much needed one. If this is done in all schools at Primary Level, it will be great step towards the Digital Learning.

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