Toilet repair at Kumaragiri and Athikinaru

With support from Trimble we carried out renovation to toilets at the middle schools in Kumaragiri and Athikinaru in Thoothukudi District.

As a part of Trimble Sugadharam for 2020, we received money for construction of new toilets at Kaatu Sithaambur and ADWMS Nandhivaram. We also received funding for the renovation of toilets at two schools that are supported through project Pearl – the middle schools at Athikinaru and Kumaragiri.

The renovation work at Athikinaru and Kumaragiri was started in early January and completed in early February. At both schools, the toilets required plumbing work. The doors needed to be replaced in some cases. The flooring and entance to the toilets were badly damaged. We fixed the plumbing in the toilets including providing new wash-basins. We put tiles on the floor and the walls up to a height of 4 feet. We replaced broken doors and we gave a new coat of paint. Recently Bhaskar and Rajaram visited these schools.

Here are the photos showing the progress of the work at these toilets.

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