Computer Donations From Glovis

Hyundai Glovis that supports our Project Sangamam in Thiruvallur district has donated 100 used computers to be given to the schools we support.

Hyundai Glovis came forward to donate 100 used computers to the schools we support in Thiruvallur district. Since Asha is sending teachers to teach computer science at all these schools, this will be extremely useful. Asha received the computers from Glovis on 20th February. Then for about 2 weeks we cleaned up the systems, put new harddisks with all the required software installed, replaced some faulty components (in particular the SMPS and CMOS batteries), and got the systems ready for giving to the schools. Finally from March 5th we started distributing the computers and all the computers were distributed by the 11th of March.
On 9th March we had a distribution function at 6 schools in the Seethanjeri to Placepalayam route. Arun came with 5 others from Glovis to participate in the distribution. We first went to Ammambakkam. The teachers welcomed us and then children entertained us with a couple of dances and speeches. Then the Glovis staff donated the computers to the school. The computer teacher Radhika explained what the children can do with them. We then went to Goonipalayam. Once again the schools welcomed us and we donated computers to the school. We then went to Kalkalodai. This is an especially remote school we a very motivated teacher. The children did some good dances for us. Then we donated the computers to the school. Unfortunately the computer teacher for Kalkalodai as well as the remaining 2 schools at Allikuzhi and Placepalayam had an accident two days earlier with a minor fracture and couldn’t join us for the distribution function.

For lunch we went to Allikuzhi. The teachers there organized a very good lunch for us. After the lunch we enjoyed a couple of dances by the children. The children also gave model houses made of cardboard to the visitors. We then donated the computers to the school. We then moved to our final school Placepalayam. We interacted with the children a bit and then donated the computers to the school. Since the teachers wanted us to wait a bit to have the tea, we went a little further to see the border with Andhra Pradesh and then returned back to the school.

Click here to see the photos from the distributions and the function on 9th March.

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