Glovis Sangamam Student Materials Distribution 2019-20

With support from Hyundai Glovis we distributed sports dresses, chappals and hygiene kits to all the 61 schools supported by them.

Every year Hyundai Glovis sponsors giving the following materials to all the children in the 61 supported schools.

  • Sports dress or sports uniform.
  • A pair of slippers
  • A hyguene kit

This year too, we gave these to all the children. We ordered the sports dress from Shanmuga Apparels in Parrys, Chennai. They sent a tailor to 5 schools to take sample measurements of all the children in mid-November. As they promised they delivered the dressed in 45 days by end of December.

In the meantime we had placed the orders for the slippers and hygiene kits with Aara supermarket in Thiruvallur. This year they took a little different approach towards this distribution which worked really well. They with enough slippers of all sizes to a school, measure each child and give the slippers right there before moving to the next school. They also enquire about the excess requirements and give the required number of extra slippers to the school teachers. Even though this was a slow process, this totally eliminated any problems from the schools saying they didnt have adequate number of slippers or needed some more say smaller slippers in the place of bigger ones etc. At of the end of Term II, they had completed about 50 of the 61 schools. The rest got completed in January.

The distribution of the dresses started on the 7th of January. They dropped the bags with the required number of dresses for the children at each of the schools. The dresses have been distributed to all the 61 schools. But there are all these pending requests from these schools which need to be sorted out once the schools reopen after Pongal.

Click here to see the photos from the distribution of these materials at all the schools.

On January 10th, we had distribution function for all these materials at some of the schools. Arun, the CSR coordinator and four more staff from Glovis came for the distribution. Venkat and Rajaram were also there with Srinivasan representing Asha. We started by visiting Sadhurangapettai. This school is located right next to the Poondi block BEO’s office. The HM also invited the BEO, Sadhu Sundar Singh who also made the time to come there on short notice. Since this was also the last working day before Pongal, the school was decked up and nice to see. They had also planned some cultural programmes. The Poi kaal gudhirai dance and the other two dances were very nice. We then distributed the materials to the children. The BEO talked very highly of our support for all the schools in his block.

We then went to Odhappai. This is one of the school which supports us in our efforts the most. They usually prepare very well for functions like this. This time was no exception. The children greeted us right at the gate of the school with hand-made bouquets of local flowers. Compering the function, giving the vote of thanks in English and Tamil were all done by the children themselves. It was a joy to take part in the function. The dance performed by the children for the recently popular “Singa penne” song was also nice. We distributed the materials to the children at that school as well.

Then we just dropped in briefly at Mylapore, a very small school, directly distributed the materials to the children and then moved on to Sriramakuppam.The teachers and staff at Sriramakuppam had prepared the lunch for all of us. The food was really good with vadai, paayasam, sweet etc. We profusely thanked them for arranging such a wonderful lunch for us. The fuction was also well organised. The children performed a small English play, a Welcome dance and one more dance. One child welcomed us in Telugu since that is what is commonly spoken here. After these we distributed the materials to the children.

Then we went to Katchur. Here the teacher welcomed and thanked us for our support. Then we quickly distributed the materials to the children as the Glovis people were also getting delayed. Then we made a brief stop at Seethanjeri just to distribute the sports dresses and a group photo outside the school. Then the guests from Glovis went back.

Click here to see the photos taken during these distribution functions.

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