Inauguration of new toilet complex at Ramajeri

The construction of the toilets at Ramanjeri was completed in late October and an inauguration function was organised for it on Oct 24th 2019.

Glovis Sugadharam 2019 is funding the construction of new toilets at 2 schools and repair of toilets at 15 more schools. A new toilet complex was inaugurated at Pudhukandigai in August. Construction of the new toilet complex at Ramanjeri was progressing slowly. It was finally completed in late October. The toilet complex contained a set of 6 urinals, 2 toilets and 2 wash-basins for boys and another set of 6 urinals, 2 toilets and 2 wash-basis for girls. Before this, the school which has 135 children from classes 1 to 8 and 7 teachers was managing with just 2 single toilets!

On 24th October the new toilet complex at Ramanjeri was inaugurated. A small function was organised by the school for the inauguration. The Block Education Officer of the Poondi block of Thiruvallur, Mr. Sadhu Sundar Singh and Mr. Madhavan, the Panchayat Council chairman for the Poondi Block presided over the function. Mr. Arun, the CSR coordinator, along with Ms. Sasikala, the head-of-department for sales and Ms. Preethi represented Hyundai Glovis. Rajaram, Sriivasan and two Asha teachers were there from Asha.

The toilet for the girls was opened by the BEO Mr. Sadhu Sundar Singh and Mr. Madhavan. The boys’ toilet was opened by Ms. Sasikala from Glovis India. During the function, the head-mistress of the school Ms. Malliga, the other teachers and the BEO, thanked Asha and Glovis for providing this toilet for the children of the school.

Here are the photos from the function and the completion of the construction leading up to it.

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