Construction of Toilet at Chidambarampatti

A new toilet is being constructed for the primary school at Chidambarampatti in Thoothukudi District with support from Trimble Technologies.

Trimble agreed to fund the construction and repair of toilets at 5 schools as part of the Sugadharam Trimble effort. As a part of this project, we first decided to take up construction of the new toilet at Chidambarampatti in the Thoothukudi Dist. The primary school at Chidambarampatti is supported as part of project Pearl.
The construction started with a Bhoomi Poojai on the 4th of June. The work started a little later on June 21st. From then on the work went on in full pace and the entire toilet work got completed by about the mid August. 
Click here to see the photos from the construction of this toilet.


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