Student Material Distribution

On 14th Feb 2019: Hyjundai Glovis has sponsored a sports costume, a pair of chappals and a hygiene kit for all students in the 60 supported schools. On 14th Feb 2019, functions were held in 5 schools where staff from Hyundai came interacted with the children and distributed these materials.

Glovis has sponsored the following materials for all the students at the 60 schools supported by them.
  • A pair of chappals.
  • A sports costume with a T-shirt and shorts for boys and skirts for girls.
  • A hygiene kit with soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb and oil.

These have been distributed to the various schools. On Feb 14th a function was held to give these materials to the children from 5 schools. Click here to see the photos from this distribution.

We started the distribution at PUMS Othappai. Six staff from Glovis including the CSR coordinator Arun and Rubini were present to assist us with the distribution. The Othappai school organised things very well for this function. There was march past and a drill to welcome us. They had taken the extra trouble to get the children to create special gifts for all of us! The staff from Hyundai Glovis really appreciated this gesture. They will display these gifts in their office for the others also to see these.

Then we went to Ammambakkam. Here too the children were waiting to welcome us into the school. The school once again welcomed us warmly. We distributed the materials to the children.

Kottaikulam is a small Irular hamlet. There is a small school with about 30 children. We also talked to the children there and distributed our materials.

We then halted for lunch at Allikuzhi. The school teachers had really cooked a feast for all of us – a total of 10 of us. It was extremely nice of the teachers to do this for us. The food was very good home cooked food. After that lunch we distributed the materials to the children. The children had also made small gifts for all of us.

Finally we went to Pudhukandigai. We are also taking up the construction of new toilet at the school. We distributed the materials to the children here as well and then returned back to Thiruvallur.

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