Student Material Distribution 2019 — Part II

On March – April 2019 : Hyjundai Glovis has sponsored a sports costume, a pair of chappals and a hygiene kit for all students in the 60 supported schools. The distribution of the materials started in early Feb. However distribution to all the 60 schools and then exchange of items in wrong size etc. got completed only by April.

There was an earlier report and album on the distribution of materials at the first 5 schools and a function where Glovis staff also participated and distributed the materials at the 5 schools.

After that the distribution of materials continued for the rest of the 55 schools as well. These distributions were carried out by the school teachers themselves. Asha teachers who go to that school also participated in the distribution and verified the quantities of the materials. Srinivasan also participated in the distribution. Where possible Arun, the Glovis CSR Coordinator visited the schools and I also visited a few of these schools to distribute the materials and see the children in these dresses and chappals.

The distribution is finally complete. After the distribution they also need to revisit the schools to exchange chappals that are in the wrong size etc. Our computer teacher who cover all these 60 schools are also verifying that the correct quantities of all the materials have been distributed.

Here are the photos from the distribution of the materials from many of the schools.

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