Sangamam Materials Distribution in June

Materials purchased over the summer were distributed to the schools in Project Sangamam. These included library books, English language teaching kit and other things like laptops and projector.

Asha has with support from Hyundai Glovis setup libraries at all the 15 supported schools of Project Sangamam. Many of the books for these libraries were purchased during summer. These books also included a special set of books from Eureka Books for teaching English.


Further with the excess funds in the Glovis Sangamam project laptops were purchased for the schools at Pattarai Perumbudur and Annanagar. Further projectors were purchased for the schools at Anandheri and Annanagar. UPSs were purchased for all the schools where we donated desktop computers from Hyundai Glovis in early 2017. We had also purchased a table, chair and bureau for the school at Anandheri. All these were distributed on the 13th and 14th of June.  Ms. Rubini, the CSR coordinator from Glovis participated in the distributions at some of these schools on the 13th of June.


Click here to see the photos from the distributions.

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