Sugadharam Thiruvallur — Final work for 2017-18

On Apr 5th –May 5thThe toilet repair works undertaken by Asha Chennai in Thiruvallur School with Hyundai Glovis support in 2017-18 finally came to an end with the distribution of buckets and mugs to all schools and completion of the work at Kuppathupalayam.

We wrapped up the work for Sugadharam for 2017-18 with giving buckets and mugs to all the schools. One bucket / mug set was given for each toilet in the school. Some work at the final school Kuppathupalayam was pending for a couple of months because the mason who had started the work fell ill. The painting and door replacement work at Kuppathupalayam also got completed.
Click here to read the completion report for Thiruvallur Sugadharam 2017-18 work.
Click here from the photos from the last steps of Sugadharam Thiruvallur.

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