Three more school toilets repaired

Oct/Nov 2017 : Toilets at PUPS Kannigaiper, PUPS Katchur and PUPS Annanagar were repaired in Oct/Nov 2017 as part of Project Sugadharam.

Hyundai Glovis has sponsored the repair/building of toilets at the schools we support at Thiruvallur Dist. Construction of the new toilet at Thandalam was completed earlier in the year and repair of the toilets PUPS Gandhigram, PUPS Nemiliagaram and PUPS Yelappanaidu Pettai were completed in September 2017. We undertook the repair of three more toilets in October/November at PUPS Kannigaiper, PUPS Katchur and PUPS Annanagar. These were completed during the Term II at these schools. Now fresh toilets are available for the children at these schools.

Click here to see the photographs from the repair work.

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