Teacher Training for Term II

30th sept to 2nd Oct 2017: Teacher training was conducted at Olcott Memorial school for teachers from all our projects over 3 days from Sept 30th to Oct 2nd.

We recently conducted training sessions for Teachers from all our projects. Most of the teachers from Projects Sangamam, Sangamam Kanini, Thulasi and Pearl attended the training. The focus of the training was on the lessons they would need to teach for Term II.
On Sept 30th English training was held by Mrs. Jayashree Arun. She went over some of the activities the teachers can conduct in the class to cover grammar, vocabulary and the lesson contents. On Oct 2nd Mrs. Meena Suresh and Mrs. Kalyani from Ramanujan Museum and Centre for Math Resources trained the teachers in Maths. Since we have started giving Ganitmala from Jodogyan to our schools, she taught the teacher how to use that. She also focused some more on how to use the various standard kits we supply to the schools. The training on Sept 30th and Oct 2nd were graciously hosted for us by Olcott Memorial School.
The outstation teachers (from Pearl and Thulasi) were staying locally. We had a meeting with them on Oct 1st in the morning. After that we also went over some of the contents we have loaded on their laptop and how to use them.
Click here to see photos from this event.

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