Koppampatti Toilet Construction Started

Aug/Sep 2017:Project Sugadharam was extended to cover the construction and repair of toilets in three more schools we support at Koppampatti, Nagalapuram and Kaatu Sithaamboor. This will be funded by the Asha sister chapters at Pittsburg and Frankfurt. Construction of a new toilet at Koppampatti was started with the initial Bhumi Pooja and laying of the foundation.

Asha Frankfurt and Asha Pittsburg came forward to support the repair and construction of new toilets as required at Asha Chennai supported schools. We have decided to support the repair of the toilets at Nagalapuram and the construction of new ones at Koppampatti and Kaatu Sithamboor under project Sugadharam.

The construction of a new toilet at Koppampatti was the first to start in August. It was started with a Bhumi Pooja. There were some delays due to lack of availability of sand. We have decided to proceed with M-sand. The construction has now progressed upto the foundation stage.

Click here  to see the photographs from this activity.

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