Written assessments conducted at Asha Chennai projects

Asha Chennai conducted oral and written assessments at all supported projects from Jan 28th onwards.

Detailed Description:
Asha Chennai conducted assessments at all supported schools. Written assessments were conducted for classes 3 and above (also class 2 in Maths) in Maths and English. To make it easier for the students we ensured that it will not take more than one hour in total for the a class. For children to whom we cannot administer the written assessments we conducted oral assessments based on ASER (www.asercentre.org). This included all children in classes 1 and 2 as well as children who couldnt make any progress with the written tests in higher classes.
These assessments were conducted in all Project Sangamam, Project Pearl, Poorna Vidhya, Sangamam Senji and Olcott Memorial School. While the assessments were conducted properly and we can rely on the integrity of the data from Project Sangamam and Poorna Vidhya schools, we weren’t satisfied with the integrity of the data from the other three projects.
The data from these assessments were analysed and we have used these to understand the gaps in the learning in Maths. Our assessment in English needs to be made simpler to map it to the learning attainment of the children in these schools. The findings from this have been shared with the Headmistresses and Headmasters at these schools.
Click here to see the photos from the assessments being conducted at Project Sangamam.

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